Stillpoint (Queensland)

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Irene Alexander
The Art of Spiritual Direction, Stillpoint

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The Art of Spiritual Direction, Stillpoint

The Stillpoint program emphasises the primacy of our relationship with God that deepens our relationship with others and all of creation; different forms of prayer and of prayerful attitude, the development of interior freedom and external justice, and attentiveness to the movement of God’s Spirit in all areas of our lives.

The actual practice of spiritual direction is central and is supported by ongoing supervision and practice reviews. The focus is prayerful, reflective and contemplative.

The formation team are from an ecumenical background and are members of the Conference of Spiritual Directors (Australia).

Irene Alexander was a psychologist and counsellor, involved in missions, discipleship, and tertiary education.

Chris Brown has a background in social work education, in the training and supervision of counsellors and spiritual companions.

Ann Vogt has a background in psychology and pastoral care.

This is a two year course held during tertiary terms. The program is four three-day modules per year plus a half day monthly.


Full duration of course:

Two years



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