Anthology of Spiritual Direction

The Anthology of Spiritual Direction is an initiative of the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction to encourage and support spiritual directors and those associated with this ministry to contribute to the study and practice of contemporary spiritual direction. The initiative also includes authors from the worldwide spiritual direction community. Click here to purchase, in Kindle eBook format, the Anthology of Spiritual Direction, available for worldwide delivery. The paperback format is no longer available.

Divided into three sections, the Anthology of Spiritual Direction includes:

Academic papers that contribute to original research in the field of contemporary spiritual direction

  • ‘A Crisis or Loss of Faith and Spiritual Direction’ – Gerard Guiton (Australia)
  • ‘Spiritual Direction as Imitation of Christ’s Kenosis’ – Matthew R Green (Canada)
  • ‘Liberty to Be Loved’ – Bethwyn Roberton (Australia)
  • ‘The Terrain of the Soul: Religious Experience and Spiritual Direction in Islam’ – Cheryl Camp (Australia)
  • ‘The Role of Stories in the Practice of Spiritual Direction’ – Rob Culhane (Australia)
  • ‘Opening to the Eternal at the Edges of God’s Way’ – Chris Brown (Australia)
Reflections of an informal self-reflective nature, anecdotes about contemporary spiritual direction and fiction or non-fiction stories about contemporary spiritual direction
  • ‘Spiritual Direction and the Art of Ballroom Dancing’ – Anita Davidson (USA)
  • ‘Listening to the Water Beneath My Feet’ – Rob Culhane (Australia)
  • Cultivating Compassion: Courage to See, Feel and Act’ – Marlene Marburg (Australia)
  • Experiencing A Retreat In Daily Life’ – Sandra J. Broadus (Canada)
  • ‘Exploring Negative Images of God in the Context of Spiritual Direction’ – Marjorie June Houston (Australia)
  • Spiritual Direction, Images and Stories’ – Peter Malone (Australia)

Poetry that relates broadly to the field of contemporary spiritual direction

  • Prayer of an Ordinary Mystic’ – Margaret Wesley (Australia)
  • ‘Kairos’ – Marlene Marburg (Australia)
  • ‘Sacred was Everywhere’ – Michelle Benjamin (Australia)
  • ‘Entering into Grace’ – Robin Pryor (Australia)
  • ‘all’ – Rosanne May Stower (Australia)
  • ‘Seeing in Silence’ – Winston Breeden Charles (USA)