Therese Quinn

Art in Spiritual Direction

“If I could have told you what it means, I would not have needed to paint it.” Picasso

You do not have to be an artist! Artistic talent, no matter how people understand it, is less important than each one’s own innate creativity and willingness to plunge into the activity and ENJOY it!  Let it happen! Whatever comes is gift!

This workshop hopes to:

  • Sharpen awareness  that the visual differs considerably from the  verbal communication. A  picture is worth a thousand words so often words are not enough.
  • Encourage directors to allow the image to reveal itself, rather than trying to offer an interpretation

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • View on a Power Point: A variety of examples of art prayer offered  by some examples of Directees’ prayer. Examples of art journelling, mandalas, dashes of colour or simple scribble. Commentaries include what happened for the person in creating the work, as well as its value in the direction situation.
  • Learn by doing! Participants are invited to express: in line, color, shapes or  tones a visual of themselves as a Spiritual Director. 

Gather  in pairs with their art, and  take  the opportunity to direct the other.

Therese Quinn RSJ  (Williamstown Vic)

Therese Quinn is a Sister of St Joseph.  She is a Spiritual Director and facilitator of retreats.  Her thesis is  on the ‘Women of the Fourth Gospel’ which as well as being an exegetical study  involves an appreciation of artists’ works inspired by these women and  a personal reflection and interpretation of the narratives  are expressed in Therese’s own art works.  Therese lives at Koort-boork-boork (Williamstown) and enjoys the beauty and wonder of the natural environs there.