Peter Bentley

The Art of Contemplative Practice formation:
Laying the foundation for spiritual direction formation

This workshop with outline a new formation program we have introduced at the WellSpring Centre to form participants in some of the basics of contemplative practice in a very experiential way. We will look at the way the program is structured and personally explore some of the exercises used within the formation program

The workshop with provide you with

  • an outline of the formation program
  • some experience of the way the exercises are run
  • some feedback from participants in the workshops
  • an opportunity to raise questions and offer suggestions for the future relevance and application of the program


Peter Bentley

Rev Peter Bentley РBTh, Grad Dip SD, MA (focusing on Creative Art Retreat work involving Spiritual Direction.  Peter trained as a spiritual director at WellSpring and graduated in 1996. He has been involved in spiritual direction formation since 2001 and is the director of formation at WellSpring Centre currently. He is embarking on doctoral thesis focused around a review and assessment of the effectiveness of the spiritual direction formation programs.