Lucy Tierney

Patterns of “Who-I-am-becoming”: essence of Spiritual Direction

Lucy is currently developing 40 iPhone apps in short video form to evoke, help to nurture, support and enable spirituality for those who don’t read and use iPhone, iPad, or such technology as a way of life.  This reflective, contemplative, experiential workshop covers the informational content of approximately eight of the proposed 40 iPhone apps.

Lucy’s desired outcome is that participants and I come to realise even more deeply several universal truths inherent in eight metaphors that are the content of this workshop.

Teaching style and group learning processes:

  • Each metaphor will be built up stage by stage with brief experience examples given to provide clarity and possible triggering of personal experience arisings in the participants.
  • There will be quiet reflective times for participants to be present to what has been presented and/or what is arising for them.
  • There will be space for open forum discussion and comment on the concepts/processes presented and/or personal arisings activated by the experiential nature of some of the input.

Lucy Tierney, RSJ

Lucy is a regular presenter at Australian Network for Spiritual Direction Queensland regional meetings. She completed Theological Studies in Sydney and Pastoral Studies in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She serves as a spiritual director and supervisor for individuals and at a formation program in Brisbane.