Irene Alexander

Practising the Presence of Jesus – being with scripture in spiritual direction and retreat settings

This workshop will focus on the use of scripture, especially gospel stories for retreats and spiritual direction and personal reflection.  My book Practising the Presence of Jesus has fifteen example of ways to work with stories to introduce directs (or retreatants) to these ways of being with Jesus.

  • The workshop will begin with a contemplative process which includes composition of place.
  • There will be some interactive discussion around this process. Then participants will have time for individual creative reflection and expression.
  • Participants will then share in small groups and then the larger group.
  • The focus will then switch to how to lead this process in classroom/ formation and retreat settings.
  • Participants will practise working in pairs or small groups as preparation for using the processes with others.

Desired outcomes of the workshop

  • That participants would gain experience in engaging with some different ways of being with scripture.
  • That participants would broaden their resources for working with others and would gain experience in preparing for retreats or spiritual direction.


Irene Alexander

Irene Alexander was originally trained in psychology and has worked in missions and as a lecturer. She presently teaches in counselling courses (Australian Catholic University and Christian Heritage College) and in Spiritual direction formation. She has written several books including the one used in this workshop Practicing the Presence of Jesus: Contemporary Meditation.