Glen Loughrey

Engaging Teenagers from a Non-Religious Background in the Spiritual Journey

This workshop is based on the experience of leading students (K – 12) at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School in conjunction with the work being done on the following PHD project – “Thomas Merton, the Desert Fathers and Mothers and Jacques Derrida – Finding Common Ground with postmodern youth”. This workshop will look at the results of a local school based survey on religion and spirituality and Identify common ground and possible ways forward.

  • Description of workshop content
    • Explores latest international research and the results of a local school based survey on religion and spirituality.
    • Explores the common ground and some ways to engage postmodern youth in the spiritual journey through spiritual direction, silent retreat programs, stillness and meditation, and foundational religious education.
    • Explores what other opportunities may be available, and may already be happening, to take young people on their spiritual journey.
  • Desired outcomes of the workshop
    • Open up the possibility to offer spiritual journey tools to non-religious teenagers.
    • Identify new ideas and possibilities.
    • Discover what others are doing and how it may work in my place.

Glenn William Loughrey

Glen is an Anglican Chaplain at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.