Anthony Hempenstall

The New Story: Emerging Images of God and Spiritual Direction

In this workshop, we will explore the implications of the New Story on images of God, contemporary spirituality and spiritual direction. We will look closely at the Divine Dynamic present in evolution and working within the Universe and reflect on how this awareness impacts on our present understandings of God and human presence within the Universe. At the same time, there will be reflection on the role of the spiritual director in the 21st Century in terms of enabling this new consciousness and emerging spirituality to be present within the spiritual direction relationship.

The background to this exploration will be the traditional theologies stemming from both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures and coming out of the traditional Christian churches of today. Salvation Theology is key to this revelation from the Scriptures and this will be looked at in the light of the new revelations of Science that have brought us greater knowledge of where we come from, how we belong here on Earth and where we are going.

What kind of prayer and ritual then may be needed to capture this Emerging Spirituality? Time will be devoted to opening these areas up also with a particular look at the Mystical tradition that has much to gift us with in this area.

Those participating in this workshop will hopefully come to appreciate more the Journey of the Universe and the Divine Dynamic underpinning it as well as getting in touch with images of God, both past and present and then how all this impacts on Spiritual Direction today.

This workshop is an invitation to  come to a greater awareness of our sacred origins and to bring this awareness and new consciousness into the spiritual direction relationship.

Br Tony Hempenstall CFC

Tony was trained as a Spiritual Director at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership in Chicago. Recently he completed a Masters in Culture and Spirituality at Holy Names University in Oakland California, studying under the Cosmologist, Brian Swimme.

He is presently engaged in managing a retreat centre, The Archer, an hour north of Brisbane where he shares community with another brother and Josephite Sister and facilitates retreats and reflection days on Earth based spirituality. He has a passion for telling the New Story and presenting the New Cosmology as a valid way to be Human and christian in today’s world.