Recognition of programs

The Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction (AECSD) seeks to
  • recognise spiritual direction formation programs that achieve excellence
  • foster new initiatives in the formation of spiritual directors
  • support the ongoing growth of developing formation programs.
The application process for AECSD recognition is as follows:
  1. The formation program forwards an application ( two hard copies and one electronic copy) to the AECSD Secretary together with an application fee of $550.00 (Inc. GST) made payable to Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction. The application details how the formation program complies with the   Contemplatively Forming Tomorrow’s Spiritual Directors:  Formation Guidelines for Spiritual Directors in Australia (Revised 2015). In  preparing an application, a formation program may wish to take note of and complete the Application Checklist that AECSD uses to review an application. A program’s application may include a completed Application Checklist.
  2. Upon receipt of the application, the AECSD Secretary acknowledges the application and advises the applicant at which Council meeting AECSD will consider the application. The Secretary may ask for copies of supporting documentation if required.
  3. AECSD reviews the application and appoints two representatives to visit the formation program. During the visit, the representatives discuss the application with the program’s staff and sit in on selective sessions of the program to assess how it is delivered.
  4. Following their visit to the formation program, the two representatives prepare a written report for the Council to consider.
  5. The Council after discussing the report either

a) recommends that the President forwards a Certificate of Recognition to the program and the AECSD representative(s) who visited the program give oral and written feedback to the formation team about the AECSD’s observations of the program


b) proposes further consultation with the formation team program to help the program to accord with the Formation Guidelines (2015)

For further information contact:
Liz Anne Smith
Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction

1/81 Bimberi Cres


P. 0409 987 401