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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Re: Mandatory Reporting Information and Insurance information

In response to enquiries from the community of Spiritual Directors, a working party was drawn from AECSD members to explore and discuss these issues. It undertook an ongoing process in which information was gathered and collated for consideration by the council. The council then requested further research and consulted with others both within and outside the Spiritual Direction community.

Given the current light focussed on cases of the historical abuse of children, and the ways in which this touches each of us, discernment of our own inner responses was also part of the process.

Similarly, with insurance, the possible ramifications, for people in ministry, of such current events, given an increasingly litigious society. A decision was taken to present to our community a succinct collation of information which is current and factual, to the best of our knowledge.

We are pleased to be able to refer you to the new, relevant pages on the AECSD website, Mandatory Reporting and Insurance. Please note that the information in ‘Mandatory Reporting’ relates only to current legislation. There may well be future changes made in federal legislation and therefore requirements in each state, coming out of current events.

You will find several pages on various aspects of insurance included under that heading.

In regard to group insurance, the current council’s discernment on how it is called to uphold the foundational principles of council’s purpose as a non-registering body:

  1. fostering spiritual direction
  2. encouraging the ministry to grow in a healthy way
  3. providing final standards for the conduct of spiritual direction

does not include becoming the type of body required to manage and administer a group insurance policy on behalf of the community of Spiritual Directors.

We are happy to liaise with, share further helpful information with, any of the associations or a similar group which might like to investigate or pursue that course for the community.

We also ask that if you have any sourced information which addresses any points made in the guide we offer, or in these areas, please send to secretary@spiritualdirection.org.au

We thank all involved in the original working party, those who have advised them in various capacities, and the council for its support through the process.

On behalf of the AECSD Council,
Peter Bentley
President, AECSD